Before or after your round delight in a coffee of your choice made by our trained baristas then take a seat on the sheltered outside decking looking onto the course with fellow golfers as well as the numerous walkers, joggers and dog walkers who drop by for their beverage of choice.

Other choices are hot chocolates, iced coffees, ice chocolates and milkshakes as well as a variety of cookies, specialty slices, sandwiches, hot pies, pasties, sausage rolls and a range of cold drinks and ice creams.

Golf Shop

The Golf Shop carry a diverse range of golf sets, individual clubs, bags, buggies and general accessories, all you need for the game of golf is here with some of the best prices in Melbourne!

At Wattle Park we also specialise in customising your equipment to help capitalize on the potential of every golfer.

As every successful player knows golf is not just about confidence in your game and ability but also is about using the right equipment that enables the player to perform at their peak in the knowledge their clubs are the right ones for them.

Club Fitting

Buying a new set of golf clubs, driver, wedge or putter should be a very exciting & motivating experience for any golfer so long as their equipment has been fitted to their body size, shape and golf swing.

At Wattle Park you can make an appointment for a club fitting session with our golf professional and club fitter Trevor Hollingsworth.

Trevor will explain the intricacies of your potential purchase enabling you to make an educated decision whereby you will come away happy with the knowledge that not only have you chosen the right brand but that your new equipment has been custom fitted to

The cost of your club fit will be deducted off the retail price of your purchase